Connect with Cannabis Recap

Our team had a fantastic weekend attending the first Connect with Cannabis trade show and conference in Halifax. It was incredibly valuable to have our industry peers and leaders join us in Nova Scotia to share knowledge, best practises and common experiences as we strive to establish a robust cannabis industry in our province. The weekend also served as an opportunity for patients and potential patients to better understand the products that are being produced and how they may fit into your lifestyle.

We also welcomed the opportunity to share some of our expertise with the crowd. Dr. John Gillis provided an informative account of some of the nuances involved in prescribing cannabis for medical use, while Evan gave an overview of our last 3 years of patients trials and studies and the insights this data has provided for our future support to patients!

A huge thanks to all of the producers, vendors, advocates and other attendees for the great conversations we had and congratulations to the organizers for a fantastic event!