Truro Herbal Company Sees Future Growth Opportunity in Nova Scotia Cannabis Framework 

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTA—(Dec. 7, 2017) — The Truro Herbal Company welcomes the Nova Scotia government’s announcement of a preliminary framework for the sale and distribution of adult-use cannabis. While a public monopoly is not our preferred model, the certainty and clarity provided by the Government’s announcement enables the Company to adapt our business model for future growth and expansion.

“Our primary objective is to ensure that Nova Scotians have reliable access to high-quality, affordable and locally produced cannabis products,” said Evan Price, President of the Truro Herbal Company. “Clarity around the distribution model helps us make appropriate investment decisions regarding our expansion plans to help meet the supply challenges and share the economic benefits of legalization with Nova Scotians”

The Truro Herbal Company believes that the public policy infrastructure for cannabis distribution must be built with longevity in mind. Our hope is that this framework will remain flexible to future adjustments as the local cannabis market matures and a sophisticated industry takes shape.

While the completion of a state-of-the-art facility in Truro will remain our priority, we hope to leverage the short-term certainty of this distribution model to work with our industry partners to achieve significant growth in the early years of cannabis sales.

“We have built flexibility into our business model and a public sales approach can easily align with our operations,” said Price. “As time progresses we expect industry will have greater integration with the supply chain in a manner that meets public policy objectives”


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