Our Story


We believe in an empowered approach to wellness. The kind that you own, you nourish and you define. In true Maritime spirit, we want to do things our way. The Truro Herbal Company is about quality cannabis. It’s about cannabis that’s crafted by the deep-rooted origins of agriculture in Truro, and leading-edge research and development. We’re not the alternative, we’re the answer.


Agriculture is engrained in farmer, co-founder and president of the Truro Herbal Company, Evan Price. It was during his annual hops harvest in the fall of October 2013, that the idea struck him - with the bountiful natural resources that Nova Scotia has to offer, it is the ideal location to grow world-class, high-quality medical cannabis. He assembled a select team of professionals, farmers, and scientists, and by January 2014, the Truro Herbal Company was founded.


Inspired by the original, free-thinking, and diverse spirit of Nova Scotians, we celebrate both the people & places that surround us. Our brand blends together the very best of what it means to be from the east coast, while we strive to leave our unique mark on the industry.

A place where innovation meets tradition, rural meets urban, and science meets nature.